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Lewiston, ME



Museum L-A


32,000 SF

Platz Associates was chosen as the architectural team to work with Museum L-A to design their new home at the former Camden Yarns Mill. Schematic perspectives and plans were created as an exercise that will develop the scope of the project and create fundraising images. This is a layered process and the next step will be working with the client to define the feel of each area as well as the connecting transition zones.  These connection areas are critical to breathing life into the building.


Museum L-A came to us with a vision for a museum in downtown Lewiston that celebrates the history of labor, immigrants, textiles and shoemaking in Maine.  It was important to our client that, though they wanted to be a source for the history that built Maine, they also wanted to be a force that encouraged their visitors to use the past to build on an innovative future.  This needs to be a space that not only looks back, but also looks forward.


Platz Associates took the program that the Museum L-A board initiated and defined the size and envelope requirements to hold the program.  We are currently moving forward as a team to create a vibrant space that helps tell the story of our history, but also encourages curiosity, creativity, and a drive to connect with our future.  Our goal is to create a feel and atmosphere that encourages connections and helps define this building as a center for the community.  These images help continue the dialogue with the building committee and build upon their initial goals.

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