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Gray, ME


Androscoggin Bank Headquarters



Architecture / Engineering

As part of its expanding presence in central Maine, Androscoggin Savings Bank hired Platz Associates to design a new branch to be located in Gray. The new facility used some of the elements we had incorporated into previous designs for the bank in order to start to create a recognizable identity for the bank’s customers. Natural materials and traditional lines help to establish the message of solid New England banking which Androscoggin’s cliental have come to associate with their banking institution. Platz Associates provided architectural and civil engineering services for this project.


Materials chosen for the interior included extensive use of natural wood and light, airy materials and colors. The result is a space that feels open and light, yet solid and down to earth like the institution which it represents. The interior scheme was developed for the bank to use in other new locations so that it may become identifiable as an Androscoggin Savings Bank location by feel as well as by signage.

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