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Lewiston, ME



The Center for Wisdom's Women



12 Unit, 8,360 SF

The property was vacant for over 10 years when Platz Associates was asked to participate in the historic renovation proposed by The Center for Wisdom’s Women.  Although the vacant building had been broken into many times, much of the historic fabric was still intact when the vision for Sophia’s House was born; to support and empower women survivors of addiction, trafficking, and incarceration through holistic healing in a shared community.  This model supports trauma informed, gender sensitive recovery that provides holistic healing for women – mind, body and spirit/soul – grounded in community and love. Philosophies of healing through horticulture, healthy food, art, meaningful work, stable community life, spirituality, therapy and medical care are all integral to the concept. 


Originally built as St. Patrick’s Convent, the 1913 Colonial Revival-style brick structure was transformed into a sanctuary for women consisting of five apartments for mentors, six bedrooms for survivors, along with a shared chapel, kitchen and dining.

Sophia’s House provides two years of healing and housing for women and is an adaptation of the successful Thistle Farms in Nashville, a comprehensive, “housing first” community based model. The project required local and state approvals as well as national parks service approval.  It is part of the Kennedy Park Historic District in Lewiston, and is in a neighborhood that is part of the Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan for Lewiston’s Tree Streets.  This historic renovation project is funded by tax credits, grants, and private donations. 

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