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Lewiston, ME



University of Southern Maine


60,000 SF 

The University of Maine chose a 60,000 square foot metal building, originally built as a tennis club, to be the campus of its new Lewiston/Auburn College. Working closely with University officials, the staff at Platz Associates designed major exterior and interior renovations, as well as site improvements. Because of a tremendously tight schedule, design and construction were fast tracked with Platz Associates handling the construction management. The building went through a significant transformation and was ready for the matriculation of incoming students in September, just 15 weeks from the start of construction.

The Lewiston/Auburn College of the University of Maine is a complete educational facility including classrooms, science laboratories, lecture halls, computer labs, faculty and administrative offices, library, student lounges and a cafeteria. Platz Associates was most recently hired to complete Phase III of this complex which comprised of adding an additional 20,000 square feet of space including nursing labs, bathrooms, increased library space, art storage and a new entry on Westminster Street.

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