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Portland, ME



​Ocean Gate Realty



275 Spaces 

Designed to support the parking needs of Ocean Gate Plaza at 511 Congress St, a nine-story office tower with 130,000 square feet of Class A office and retail space in the heart of Portland’s Historic District, this project showcases the design possibilities of structural steel garage construction.  With a lacy elegance that helps to reduce the sense of the building’s mass, the decorative architectural columns provide support for painted ornamental grillwork that offers protection from headlight glare and screens views of the vehicles inside. 

The project was approved through the City of Portland’s permitting process, which included feedback from the Historic Review Board from downtown overlay district requirements.  Platz Associates attended and presented at all planning board meetings, City staff workshops, historic reviews, and neighborhood meetings.  Although the feedback and comments from the public and staff were often pulling the project in opposite directions, our design team developed a balanced approach to the permit process that built on consensus and resolved concerns with thoughtfully-considered and well-delivered responses and graphic presentations. 

The garage features an advanced storm water drainage system that provides treatment of over 75% of the projected rainwater discharge.  Integrated with the garage design as attractive landscape planters that contribute greatly to the pedestrian experience, these are the types of component details that exemplify the level of effort the team at Platz Associates delivers to incorporate honest and meaningful design character to every project. 

News Article: Portland Press Herald - Aug 12, 2019

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