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oak St.

PARKING structure


Lewiston, ME



City of Lewiston


119,943 SF

385 Spaces 

Occupying a prominent downtown site because of its size and location near the dividing line between the city’s business and residential districts, this 385 space steel parking facility and bus station was designed for the City of Lewiston to be a key stylistic component of the City’s urban revitalization. Aesthetics, as well as cost and the ability to be built in phases, were major design considerations. Responding to requests for the perimeter walls of the structure to look like storefronts, the designers were able to simulate the rhythm of a downtown streetscape by taking advantage of the flexibility afforded by the use of structural steel. The placement of vehicular and pedestrian entrances, stair towers, arches, and ornamental brick panels hung between the steel columns break up the façade into distinct vertical sections. With different heights, these sections reflect the scale and proportions of neighboring buildings.

The northeast corner of the facility is anchored by a 2,400 sq. ft. city bus station. This corner is a major stop for the regional bus system because of its proximity to both residential neighborhoods and downtown businesses. Although they are two separate buildings, split by a load bearing masonry firewall, the bus station is integrated into the design of the garage both visually and structurally. Lewiston’s Oak Street Garage (Originally Park Street) was featured in the June 2005 issue of Modern Steel Construction in an article titled “Affordable Aesthetics” LINK, and was considered by AISC as a national award winner for creative design utilizing steel.

Article: “Affordable Aesthetics”, AISC, June 2005

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